No 9 (2009)

Transatlanticism: Identities and Exchanges

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This issue, guest edited by Ella Dzelzainis and Ruth Livesey, explores the transformative flow of texts, images and ideas back and forth between Britain and America in the long nineteenth century. The provenance of our lead image, Niagara Falls, from the American Side (1867), echoes this transatlantic movement. Painted by an American, Frederic Edwin Church, it was bought in 1887 by the Scottish emigrant, John S. Kennedy, who presented it to his native Scotland. Capturing the sublime and vast potential of America through its portrayal of a rainbow over the Falls, the picture now hangs in the National Gallery in Edinburgh.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Transatlanticism: Identities and Exchanges Abstract PDF HTML
Ella Dzelzainis, Ruth Livesey
A White Atlantic? The Idea of American Art in Nineteenth-Century Britain Abstract PDF HTML Gallery
Tim Barringer
Response to Tim Barringer, A White Atlantic? Abstract PDF HTML
Kate Flint
America on Display: Constructing and Containing Images of the United States Abstract PDF HTML
Ted Hovet
George Augustus Sala and the English Middle-Class View of America Abstract PDF HTML
Peter Blake
Beyond the Mohawk Warrior: Reinterpreting Benjamin West’s Evocations of American Indians Abstract PDF HTML
Julia A. Sienkewicz
‘Have the elder races halted?’: British Socialist Readings of ‘Pioneers! O Pioneers!’ Abstract Poem PDF HTML
Kirsten Harris
‘Pioneers! O Pioneers!’ and Whitman’s Early German Translators Abstract Poem PDF HTML
Vanessa Steinroetter


Viewpoint: Transatlantic Scholarship on Victorian Literature and Culture Abstract PDF HTML
Isobel Armstrong
James Tissot, 'Goodbye, on the Mersey': a Reading of the Transatlantic Journey Abstract PDF HTML
Vicky Greenaway


Paintings from the Reign of Victoria: The Royal Holloway Collection, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, 7 May – 26 July, 2009 Abstract PDF HTML Gallery
Catherine Roach

Book Reviews

'The Atlantic Enlightenment', edited by Susan Manning and Francis D. Cogliano Abstract PDF HTML
Felicity James
'The Transatlantic Indian, 1776-1930', by Kate Flint Abstract PDF HTML
Rohan McWilliam
'Henry James, Oscar Wilde and Aesthetic Culture', by Michèle Mendelssohn Abstract PDF HTML
Mark Turner
'Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880-1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms', edited by Ann Ardis and Patrick Collier Abstract PDF HTML
Janet Floyd

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