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No 20 (2015): Charting the Crimean War: Contexts, Nationhood, Afterlives

Charting the Crimean War: Contexts, Nationhood, Afterlives

The Crimean War (1853–56) is much more culturally significant than its popular mythologies suggest. Now remembered mainly for the Charge of the Light Brigade and the Lady with the Lamp, the war is a pivotal moment in the history of modern warfare seen as both the last of the old wars and first of the new. The first total war, it inaugurated new forms of weaponry, tactics, communication, war reporting, military medicine, and new attitudes towards soldiers. The issue provides a number of new perspectives on these features of the war as it played out in the British, French, and Russian imagination. Contributors mediate the vexed issue of medical provision for the British and Russian armies; sensitivities around Britain’s military alliance with France; royal and poetic interventions into the welfare of the British soldier; the religious, commercial, and emotional investment in soldier-heroes like Captain Hedley Vicars and the Light Brigade; the memorialization of the final action of the war, the fall of Sebastopol; and, finally, the war’s continuing cultural and geopolitical relevance. Incorporating statistical analysis, journalism, photography, objects, art, film, and literature, this issue of 19 makes a case for the conflict’s wide-ranging significance.

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Charting the Crimean War: Contexts, Nationhood, Afterlives Full text PDF
Rachel Bates, Holly Furneaux, Alastair Massie
Reporting the Crimean War: Misinformation and Misinterpretation Full text PDF
Mike Hinton
Russian Medical Service During the Crimean War: New Perspectives Full text PDF
Yulia Naumova
The French Army and British Army Crimean War Reforms Full text PDF
Anthony Dawson
‘All Touched my Hand’: Queenly Sentiment and Royal Prerogative Full text PDF
Rachel Bates
The Afterlife of Thomas Campbell and ‘The Soldier’s Dream’ in the Crimean War Full text PDF
Tai-Chun Ho
Who Blew the Balaklava Bugle?: The Charge of the Light Brigade and the Afterlife of the Crimean War Full text PDF
Lara Kriegel
The Life and Afterlives of Captain Hedley Vicars: Evangelical Biography and the Crimean War Full text PDF
Trev Broughton
Sebastopol: On the Fall of a City Full text PDF
Trudi Tate
Off the Chart: The Crimean War in British Public Consciousness Full text PDF
A. L. Berridge

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