Studying the Nineteenth Century at Birkbeck

Birkbeck is a world-leading institution in Nineteenth-Century and Victorian Studies. As well as undergraduate courses which allow students to explore the period, we offer an internationally renowned Victorian MA and foster a large postgraduate intellectual community.

Please click here to find out more about Nineteenth-Century and Victorian studies. Below are links to specific schools and study programmes at Birkbeck.

BA in English literature

Birkbeck offers a range of nineteenth-century teaching and research from BA onwards, across a range of departments. The BA English degree offers various options on this period including popular courses on ‘Fiction 1780-1830', ‘US Literature 1776-1900', ‘The Victorian Novel', ‘The 1850s' and ‘The Fin de Siècle'. Read more more about the BA programme in English Literature and current course units...

BA in History, Classics and Archaeology

Birkbeck's School of History, Classics and Archaeology also offers a range of BA modules focusing on the nineteenth century, for example 'The Age of Science: the Transformation of European Life, 1850-1939'; 'Family, society and culture in Britain 1832-1918'; 'Social Change in 19th Century Britain'. Read more about the BA programme in History, Classics and Archaeology and available BA modules here...

MA in Victorian Studies

Birkbeck offers a truly interdisciplinary MA in ‘Victorian Studies', a collaboration between the School of English and Humanities and the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, and the Faculty of Continuing Education. Read more about Birkbeck's MA in Victorian Studies...

Postgraduate Studies

Many of those who take the Victorian Studies MA go on to join the vibrant research student community that exists within the departments of English, History, and History of Art. For example, with over 100 research students, the department of English in the School of Arts boasts the largest body of graduate students in English Studies in the University of London. Post-graduates organise a thriving Nineteenth Century Reading Group, and the Graduate Research Group provides a forum for students to present work in progress to their peer group. Read more about Birkbeck's Postgraduate Research Degrees here.


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