No 12 (2011)

Psychology/Aesthetics in the Nineteenth Century

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This issue, guest edited by Carolyn Burdett, uses a very old form of punctuation – the forward slash - to separate its two relatively modern terms, psychology and aesthetics. The slash signals the intimate, diverse, mutually constitutive, and often contested nature of their relation in the nineteenth century. These essays explore that relation, in the writings of Coleridge and Pater; in the poetry of a psychical researcher and the theatre-going habits of a neurologist; and in museum spaces and gallery experiments.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Psychology/Aesthetics in the Nineteenth Century Abstract PDF HTML
Carolyn Burdett
Coleridge on ‘Psychology’ and ‘Aesthetics’ Abstract PDF HTML
Neil Vickers
The Museum as 'Dream Space': Psychology and Aesthetic Response in George Eliot’s Middlemarch Abstract PDF HTML
Victoria Mills
Subliminal Histories: Psychological Experimentation in the Poetry and Poetics of Frederic W. H. Myers Abstract PDF HTML
Helen Groth
Pater as Psychagogue: Psychology, Aesthetics, Rhetoric Abstract PDF HTML
Matthew Beaumont
‘The subjective inside us can turn into the objective outside’: Vernon Lee’s Psychological Aesthetics Abstract PDF HTML
Carolyn Burdett
Henry Head and the Theatre of Reverie Abstract PDF HTML
Tiffany Watt-Smith

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