No 11 (2010)

Science, Literature, and the Darwin legacy

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This issue, guest edited by Carolyn Burdett, Ana Parejo Vadillo, and Paul White, takes the Darwin anniversary year as an occasion to reflect on the role that Darwin's work has played in focusing the field of literature and science on the interplay of biology and the novel.

Opening new avenues in poetry, serial fiction, life writing, and the visual arts, in physics, geology, paleontology, sociology, and genomics, it explores ways in which Darwin, notwithstanding the polemics and lionizing that surround his legacy, may still be a force of cultural creation and critique.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Science, Literature, and the Darwin Legacy Abstract PDF HTML
Paul White
Losing the Plot: the Geological Anti-Narrative Abstract PDF HTML
Adelene Buckland
‘By a Comparison of Incidents and Dialogue’: Richard Owen, Comparative Anatomy and Victorian Serial Fiction Abstract PDF HTML
Gowan Dawson
Narrating Darwinian Inheritances: Fields, Life Stories and the Literature-Science Relation Abstract PDF HTML
David Amigoni
After Darwin's Plots Abstract PDF HTML
Gillian Beer
Field Studies: Novels as Darwinian Niches, Poetry for Physicists and Mathematicians Abstract PDF HTML Gallery
Daniel Walter Brown
'The Lay of the Trilobite': Rereading May Kendall Abstract PDF HTML
John Robert Holmes
Darwin as Metaphor Abstract PDF HTML
Emily Ballou
The Curatorial Turn in the Darwin Year 2009 Abstract PDF HTML Gallery
Julia Voss
Darwin and Reductionisms: Victorian, Neo-Darwinian and Postgenomic Biologies Abstract PDF HTML
Angelique Richardson
Darwin and Genomics: Regenia Gagnier interviews John Dupré Abstract INTERVIEW
John Dupré, Regenia Gagnier

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