19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, No 14 (2012)

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Thinking Feeling at the Dickens Bicentenary

Gail Marshall, Ian Higgins, Catherine Malcolmson, Kris Siefken, Holly Furneaux


Dickens 2012 has been characterised by heart-felt responses to Dickens. In these ‘think pieces’ a number of scholars of Dickens and the Victorian period from the Victorian Studies Centre at the University of Leicester ruminate on the inflections of bi-centenary feeling: What are the politics, and aesthetics, of Dickensian feeling? How close are these to Dickens’s expressed aspirations for his work? Are there continuities with Victorian responses, and those at the 1912 centenary? Where is 2012 sentiment located culturally and nationally? How are feelings other than celebration registered and expressed? The short pieces that follow seek to open up these questions in a way that will, we hope, encourage further response and discussion.

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